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Rocketsign runs with South Korea's Running man

In the activities of the Running man in South Korea, we can see the large LED display behind it. That's right, this is our Rocketsign RS series P3.9 screen, with an area of 638m2, 29 meters long and 22 meters wide。
The module is cable-free and has a simple and elegant appearance. There are magnets on the top and bottom of the cabinet, and the ultra-fast lock and quick pin hole design around the cabinet makes it easy and quick to install, and it can be installed seamlessly and evenly.
In various cultural performances and evening parties, the LED display has become an indispensable tool for setting off the performance atmosphere and showing a better stage effect. On the one hand, the LED display can broadcast and replay live performances, so that long-distance viewers can also clearly enjoy the performance. On the other hand, LED display can be used to display stage effects, expand performance space, highlight the stage atmosphere, and deepen performance. The theme style of each show is extremely important in a variety of large stage performances.

Rocketsign Stunning debut Beijing urban planning

In August 2017, Rocketsign FC series indoor P2.97 screen was adopted in Beijing urban planning. This product is the first choice for landmark dynamics, and the point-to-point super large load-carrying seamless stitching scheme will highlight the beauty of the rules.
With the rapid development of China's cultural industry, it leads the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries. At the same time, the LED display culture consumer market has become more mature, and the commercial value of LED screens has gradually turned to the field of culture and art. Under the long-term aesthetic fatigue, people have special needs for visual enjoyment and impact, and the combination of creative LED display and culture not only caters to the cultural needs of the new social and individuality, but also the LED display market. Come to huge business opportunities.
As the saying goes, ``the economic base determines the superstructure`` With the continuous improvement of living standards, people's pursuit of cultural life is also constantly improving, which directly promotes the development of the cultural industry. As a carrier of cultural information dissemination, LED screen plays an important role in the field of cultural communication.
With the rich expression of media carriers, LED products will be perfectly integrated with art, constantly enriching their expressiveness, and pushing the traditional static to the modern dynamic direction. The addition of the LED creative screen makes it impossible to touch the sound and cannot touch the captured image, which can be the theme and content of the display.

Cool stage

Project: outdoor performance
Model: RC2-P4.8
Area: 150M2

Holding a party, festivals or concerts are inseparable from the cool stage effects, only the excellent stage effects can enhance the performance of the performers. A good stage effect not only enhances the performer's passion for performance, but also enhances the viewer's interest in watching.
Nowadays, with the rapid development of the LED display industry, the stage effect is more dependent on the convenience brought by the LED display. The LED display has become an indispensable tool for setting off the performance atmosphere and showing a better stage effect. On the one hand, the LED display can broadcast and replay the live game, so that the distant audience can clearly enjoy the performance. On the other hand, the LED display can be used to display the stage special effects, expand the performance space, highlight the stage atmosphere, In-depth performance of the theme style of each show.
This time our rental product RC series outdoor P4.8 was put into a certain activity in Russia, this series has a big viewing angle,high fidelity, high contrast and high brightness. The cabinet size follows the European standard of 500mm*500mm and can be customized according to customer requirements. The magnetic device is used on the upper and lower sides of the cabinet, and the quick hole pin and the ultra-fast lock are installed around the box. The installation cabinet is fast and use is more convenient.
In the cabinet material, we use die-cast aluminum design, the cabinet is lighter and the screen is more flat. At the same time, we use the front and rear maintenance method for module maintenance, and we also connect the safety line on the module, making the maintenance faster, more convenient and safer.

Rocketsign appeared at the Brazilian concert

The singers interpret their voices on the stage, and the stage is so bright and flickering that the singer is so dazzling. The audience only has their presence in their eyes.
Of course, the 50m2 big screen in front of the stage is from our Rocketsign, which is our FC series indoor P3.9 screen. It has high gray level and low brightness, which can meet the ultimate requirements of the organizer for color gray. Die-cast aluminum cabinets with slim profile and lightweight, it’s easy and fast to install and save space and labor costs.
Nowadays, LED display screens are used more in the stage background. Take the Chinese New Year Gala as an example. Since the CCTV Spring Festival Evening in 2005, LED display has become an indispensable performance tool for the annual Spring Festival Gala. Because in various cultural performances and evening parties, the LED display can not only highlight the performance atmosphere, but also show a better stage effect. At the same time, live performances can be replayed or replayed, allowing distant audiences to clearly enjoy the stage performances.

Dancing with music

In the Serbian concert, the singer sang the moving music in a deep affection, and the singer's image was placed on the screen behind it. Let the audience sitting in the back row and away from the stage can appreciate the dual enjoyment of sight and hearing.
This screen has an area of 153m2 and is a FC series outdoor P4.8 with a fixed installation screen. The module size of this series follows the fixed installation standard of 250mm*250mm in Europe, and the size of the screen can be customized according to customer requirements. The aluminum case makes the case lighter and more resistant to pressure, and the aluminum case can also prevent corrosion.
This series adopts the method of front and rear maintenance, which effectively avoids the disadvantages of the fixed installation screen being difficult to maintain due to insufficient space behind the cabinet. It can perform full pre-maintenance with insufficient post-maintenance space, and can use the vacuum suction tool to quickly perform full pre-maintenance.

Project: Trailer Display Model: FR2-P10 Area: 12.5m2 Location: Switzerland

The Trailer Display uses the FR series outdoor P10 screen. The series is fast and easy to maintain and has a crash-proof design. In terms of light, it has high contrast and high brightness. The module size is 240mm*240mm, and the cabinet size is 960mm*960mm. Therefore, all the outdoor modules in the series can be used universally. Moreover, the series is designed for large spacing, light weight and thin cabinet.
This series is also available with the taxi LED text screen: the top of the taxi is used to scroll the text of the LED strip screen, mostly single and double color, mostly display some text information to scroll the advertising information.
Truck LED large screen: It is mainly converted into a LED display by the body of a large truck, and the full-color picture is highlighted in high-definition, and the LED display with high protection level such as waterproof and anti-sunlight can be made on the periphery of the vehicle body. High-definition full-color display of advertising information, richer display to achieve a more intuitive way to leave a deeper impression on the roadside passersby
Bus LED display: It is mainly used to display street signs on buses, and it is mostly in single and double colors.

Social media and LED display

On the streets of France, there is a 37.5m2 advertising screen that broadcasts various types of advertisements from advertisers. This is our fixed installation FC series outdoor P3.2 screen, which meets the standards of European fixed installation size. Can be customized to any size screen according to customer needs. This series mainly promotes outdoor small-pitch products, and P3.2 is a high-end product that our company sells well.
In terms of advertising media, electronic displays began to gradually replace traditional paper pictorials, showing its unique advantages. The display screen shows a large area, the visual effect is shocking, it can fully attract the public's attention, and it is not pure outdoor media. It also has the characteristics and advantages of TV and other media, but also has more creative space and broader consumption. The three-dimensional space of communication can meet the individual needs and have the concept of communication in the digital age.
In addition to its unique form of expression, the rapid development of LED full-color display in the field of outdoor advertising media also benefits from the characteristics of outdoor mass media, networked media operations and the cost of advertising: First, the influence of outdoor media It is the mainstream of the city. The influence of traditional media is relatively popular and aging. The differences and advantages affecting the crowd have boosted the development of the outdoor LED advertising display market. Secondly, the outdoor LED advertising display has realized networked media operations and is easy. To achieve centralized advertising of brand advertisements; thirdly, the outdoor LED advertising display new media has lower advertising cost than traditional media, and has the characteristics of high effective arrival rate, attracting more advertising investment.
So, say so much, what are you waiting for, come and buy our LED display!