RE series

A multifunctional cabinet, perfect for “matrix-style” aluminium exhibition frames

RE-series, our newest LED panel, combines the advantage of our best selling series and customers’ advice. It is compatible with both 55mm and 62mm frame systems Like Matrixdecor, beMatrix, Aluvision and Matrix Systems (CH), etcetera … Whatever framesystem the client prefers, our 496x496mm cabinets allow customers to easily construct their stand from frames they already own.

In addition to exhibition use, it has a variety of features and is capable of different applications such as XR solution, fixed installation, LED floor use etc. The cabinet has been built with the input of many AV Rental companies and tailored to their needs. It is robust, secure and virtually indestructible in comparison with other brands who don’t use a protective layer on their modules.

According to different applications, RE has different pixel pitch range to choose from :

  • Indoor application : P1.55, P1.93, P2.06 and P2.58
  • Outdoor application : P1.55, P1.93, P2.58 and P3.875

Exhibition System

Perfectly Connect With 55/62mm Frame

Our so-called “496 Corner rotation knob” allows both 55mm and 62mm frames to be attached to the corners of the RE cabinet o that the module is perfectly aligned with the frame.

90 Degree Corners

Seamless Corners & Cube solutions

The RE cabinet and modules can be cut 45 degrees at the edges and assembled together to make either a 90-degree corner or a even a cube.

The best part is that even after the cut, we have several parts and accessories that can be attached to the RE to give it the same functionality as a normal RE cabinet.

Such as the 496 corner, connect compatibility, back plate, etc.

Back Plate

Cover The Back? Decorate It!

Two magnets in each corner allow to easily attach a metal plate or lighting device to the back of the cabinet. The back of the cabinet is no longer just that place where you are hiding your cables, but also a place for decoration.

Rental and Staging

The best Rental solution for High Resolution LEDcabinets. Our experience included

RE-series is an all-in-one LED screen. It is the next generation in a line of cabinets that has been built by and for AV Rental companies. We know the needs and listen to suggestions of AV specialists all over the world. Everyone needs at least SOME kind of stacking system, and we considered the typical Alu “Matrix-style” frames. But maybe even more important is our XGOB protective layer. Other companies are charging their clients THOUSANDS of €’s or $’s for repair each year. But please : THAT’S. NOT. NORMAL ! If you spent a considerable budget to purchase a screen, it should be worry-free ! Like our screens …

In addition to frame connectivity we have a superb almost 180-degree viewing angle, tons of rental features such as stacking, hanging, flooring, and is ruggedized for multiple applications such as stage or xR or Virtual Production.

On top of that, we have extensive partner networks who cross-rent and work together. All over the world, AV-professionals team up !

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